VIFIB maintains 2 clones and backups on 35 different sites to achieve unparalleled resiliency

ViFiB is the inventor of "Resilient Computing" and a provider of SlapOS based resilient computing services. ViFiB focuses on mission critical applications for entreprise and government.

ViFiB - a subsidirary of Nexedi SA - was born in 2010 in Paris (France) to supply resilient hosting services for ERP5 mission critical deployments after Nexedi SA discovered that Cloud Computing providers would not garantee their Service Level Agreement (SLA) during force majeure events that do actually occur more often than one would expect.

ViFiB relies on a "No Datacenter" architecture that reduces the risk of information leak and the risk of data loss. By placing its servers in homes and offices all over the world, all connected by a self-optimizing IPv6 mesh network, ViFiB provides unparalleled resiliency. In case of failure of one server in one country, another server in another country can take over. Since each site contains only a few servers, probability of mass destruction of ViFiB infrastructure is comparable to the probability of Earth destruction.

ViFiB services are priced on the higher end. Upon every service request, ViFiB allocates a minimum of 6 micro-servers in 6 different locations. Three clones are kept are always kept in sync. If any of the three fails, two remain. Data is archived with full history in at least two different locations. If any data archive gets destroyed, at least one more archive still remains in addition to the 3 clones that also contain a full data backup.

ViFiB optional insurance against data loss covers liabilities up to 1,000,000€ per incident.